Traditional power seen in Saudi stay Symbol () Dress - Sakai Tanaka

Israel to the attention brand,Aesthetics of [Tari Kushuniru]

Traditional power seen in Saudi stay Symbol () Dress - Sakai Tanaka Here recently is showing the excitement, brand group that originated in the Middle East appeal. Designer, also Israel to brands had their Tari Kush Neil one of them. The item who mood relaxed and tranquility to live, are alive the aesthetics of the Israeli-born designer unique. She dared mail interview this time. He taught me and brand themes and making things in the background. - Please tell us about the brand establishment of circumstances and themes. Until 0 years, mainly but I had owned a shop dealing with the clothes of vintage and antique, closed the shop, worked for several years as an assistant designer in the studio to produce a fashion wear that remains only in Tel Aviv. And, it started its own brand to 0 years. While full advantage of the knowledge that was wearing when I was working in vintage wear and workshop that has been touched every day, Disclose the history of fashion on which to base the design. We started from such a thing. This is because, for me is a designer who started in self-taught, history of fashion and costume because I thought that it is very important.